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This hero guide to Leshrac follows HuntaeLa from early to mid to late game. The video covers the decision making and mindset changes you must make to win consistently with Leshrac.

Master the arcane ways of Leshrac the Tormented Soul in this her o guide. Armed with an arsenal of potent magic, HuntaeLa will teach you how to play Leshrac in the mid lane. As a core, Leshrac has the ability to dominate his lane with slows and stuns. What makes him so dangerous however, is the ability to turn a won team fight into multiple towers thanks to his extremely explosive second skill, Diabolic Edict. Despite a long cast time on his stun, Split Earth, Leshrac can have massive impact in the chaos of battle with his heavy dose of AoE damage. Being efficient with your mana is a must as you farm creeps with the aptly named “Disco Pony.” It only takes a few sustain items to unlock Leshrac’s potential and the ability to push the pace of the game. Once online, the Tormented Soul runs rampant through engagements, burning his foes to a crisp with his ultimate, Pulse Nova, after using Lighting Strike to slow them to a crawl. Torment your opponents with this guide.

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