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Legion Commander Guide - Introduction & Skills & Items


It's Commander Tresdin to you. The following guide will help you understand how you can play this hero on different lanes and positions.

If they want war, then we shall give it to them! Tresdin, the Legion Commander fears no foe and dives head on into the battle. As she can counter attack enemies in her Moment of Courage and regain some of her health back. Since she is the commander of the Bronze Legion, she is able to fight against Overwhelming Odds and turn the enemies’ numbers against them. Even in a bad situation, she will always charge head on and Press the Attack by removing any debuffs as well as granting attack speed and health regeneration to herself or an ally. And when the time is right, she will force an enemy to fight her to the death. This hero requires you to make the right decisions and that is why TheBenGerman is bringing you this guide to help you learn how to play as Legion Commander.

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