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Kunkka Guide - Midlane Early Gameplay & Decision Making

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Kunkka Guide
Total Duration: 54:35

Run up the sail while we've got the tide! Making the right decision when playing as Kunkka matters a lot, especially in the midlane.

Rough seas ahead, crew. Strap me to the mizzen when I give the word. Ah our Admiral, Kunkka he calls himself. He really is a fine hero you see and he has a mighty sword called Tidebringer. With this legendary weapon he can hit multiple people in front of him. He can also summon a rising Torrent that can hurl people to the sky. Not only that, he can mark people on the map and make them return to that location. Hah, X Marks the Spot he says. Now that most powerful thing our great Admiral has is his ship, not just a ship but his very own Ghostship, and the best thing is, it brings Rum with it. The ghostly ship smashes any enemy caught in the wreckage and the rum helps us run after and make us delay half the damage we take. If you want to be like our powerful Admiral Kunkka, you have to watch these guides and remember, True peace is only at sea!