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Keeper of the Light Guide - Friends & Foes

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Ah, there it goes! KoTL can pair up with a lot of other heroes to create powerful combos, but be warn this hero can die quite quickly as well if faced with a deadly enemy.

They say twas I who carried the first light into the universe. They might be right, I can't quite recall! Ezalor the Keeper of the Light is the Gandalf of DotA2. He is a hero that can Illuminate a wave of light that can damage his foes. He has the power to restore mana with the help of his Chakra Magic. This hero is also able to make his enemy lose mana as they move, The Keeper of the Light calls this the Mana Leak. He can even embrace the light and active his Spirit Form, allowing him Recall his allies and unleash the Blinding Light on his enemies. That is why LizZard is bringing you this guide to help you become one with the light and learn how to play as the Keeper of the Light.

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