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Io Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics

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Beep Bop, LizZard is here to help you shine bright as a Wisp. In this guide, you will learn how to play Io, the hardest support in the game.

Its time you become the glowing light of hope by learning how to play Io the Guardian Wisp with the help of this awesome guide by LizZard. Wisp is the kind of hero that can turn a losing team fight into a winning one by Tethering and Relocating in with a stronger hero. On the other hand, you can even Relocate a weak or dying hero out. You can even Tether and Overcharge other heroes to boost their attack speed and reduce the damage they take. However, this will cost you a parentage of your current health. The great balls of Io or Spirits as the game calls it, is one of the strongest nukes a support can have. You can move the balls nearer to you to damage enemies near you or move them farther away to damage any retreating heroes. There are lots of different item build that make Io effective and this guide will help you understand when ones you should build. You will also learn about the heroes that can counter Io as well as heroes that pair well with this hero.

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