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Great honors await you in the Nothl Realm! This video will help you play this hero in a Pub match and help you overcome the odds.

Those who are given more in life must not cling to it but risk it all at every moment! Huskar, the Sacred Warrior is a hero that uses his own health power to fuel his abilities. His Burning Spear set flames to his enemy at the cost of his own hp. And that’s where his Berserker’s Blood kicks in; his injuries make him attack faster and take less magic damage. He can also regenerate his power back with his Inner Vitality, and the lower his hp pool is, the faster he will heal. Huskar can even leap to his target and perform the Life Break, shattering a percentage of the target and his own current health. This is why HuntaeLa is bringing you this guide to help you learn how to play Huskar and dominate your enemies.

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