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iG and Empire squared off in the first round of the brackets at DAC 2017. This is a draft analysis of the first game from that series which went the distance before iG moved on.

We have been getting a lot of requests for drafting analysis over the last few months. With the popularity of Battle Cup and a heavier focus on drafting in match making it is a great idea to study what the pros are doing. In this new series by the one and only D2Bowie, we get to take some time to delve into the drafts of two of the top teams in the professional scene. Bowie brings us his thoughts on every draft from DAC for both the three time major winner OG and DAC's eventual champion, iG. Over the course of this series we will do our best to figure out why certain picks are made in which positions and how they synergize together. If you pay enough attention you may even see a meta develop throughout the course of the tournament. Though it will be hard to get full 5 man strategies in your public games, you will definitely be able to learn some useful hero combinations to help take you to the next level in the picking phase.

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