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How Pros Outplay You - GH-GOD, Zai, JerAx and SoNNeikO

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This video guide focuses on the support role with both positions 4 and 5 being shown. The support role takes a special kind of low farm, high-impact skill which can result in some really amazing plays.

D2Bowie’s newest series of Dota 2 gameplay analysis centers around the things that professional players do that most other players do not. In these videos, D2Bowie will look at various in game footage of a few pros at a time in similar roles. The videos will focus on mechanics, decision making, positioning and spell usage to try and understand what makes these players so good. There is a lot to be learned from just watching a high level Dota 2 player in action but it really helps to also have someone knowledgeable point out specific things that you might normally miss. A lot of what happens in Dota takes place in a split second or two so these videos should slow the game down enough to see the little things that pro players do. We hope you enjoy the new series by D2Bowie, “How Pros Outplay You” right here on Pvgna. Battle on!

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