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Hero Synergies - Bane

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Hero Synergies
Total Duration: 1:34:53

Restocker series one Hero Synergies explains how to pair heroes in Dota 2. These video guides will explain why certain heroes work best together. First up is Bane, who combos well with many other supports.

Dota 2 is a team game that requires coordination or synergy between the members of a squad. The strongest drafts involve pairing heroes together that compliment their strengths and can utilize their skills to be even stronger than as individuals. One of the classic combos is, of course, Io and Tiny, but as you’ll soon see there are so many more thanks to the abundance of heroes to choose from. Some heroes work well to create extra aggression while others strengthen the weaknesses of each other. In either case you will need to take a step forward to understanding multiple heroes at the same time to begin mastering these combos. Luckily, Restocker comes to us with this new series on Hero Synergies. In these guides you will learn how to pair heroes and how to time their spells for maximum effect. You will hopefully be able to do something that is pretty rare in your pub games after these guides, actually work with your team. Trust us it feels pretty good to hit a perfectly timed combo every now and then.

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