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In this video from the guide to Enchantress we will look at how lizZard controls the hero. He will explain his hotkey set up and how you should use control groups to maximize her impact.

LizZard is here once again to enchant your game play with this guide for Aiushtha the Enchantress. With this guide, you will learn how to play Enchantress whether you like to build this hero as support or you enjoy playing on the offlane. Enchantress is a really tanky hero with her healing ability called Nature's Attendants and her passive Untouchable, that makes you quite literally untouchable to attacks.This guide will also teach you which items you need to build to buff your ultimate skills called Impetus. Nevertheless, did you know that your Enchant ability can also be used on enemy illusions as well as summoned units? Whether its Chen creeps, Phantom lancer illusions or Nacro units, you can enchant them and control them. Enchantress can become really strong if you pair up with the right heroes whether they provide you with something or you support them with your abilities, LizZard here will help you make the right decisions.

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