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Learning how to draft in Dota 2 can give you a big advantage before the game even starts. In this video Jenkins will cover the basics of drafting and how to think about heroes when going into a draft.

Drafting is one of the most integral but overlooked parts of the game Dota 2. We have a draft in pretty much every game played (excluding game modes like All Random) and it can determine a lot about how the game will be played. Everyone has had that sinking feeling going into a game where the final pick comes in as the 4th or 5th core hero and the game already feels hard. Alternatively, we have all had those drafts that really seem to make the game easy from the get go. Putting together a good draft that has synergy and counters the other team’s lineup is what makes a good captain a champion. In this series, Jenkins will be breaking down the various considerations one must take into account when drafting a hero. These concepts, born out of the competitive Captain’s Mode scene carry over into the All-Pick pub games that we all love. We hope you enjoy the series and learn when to draft jungle LC and when not to. 

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