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See you in the seven hells! Being the devil doesn’t mean you can’t have friends but not every hero is your friend. It’s always good to know who is your enemy and who is your ally.

Speak of me, and I shall appear. Face me and face the furnace! LizZard is here once again to help you learn yet another hero. This time he is going to teach you how to play as the devil of Dota 2, Lucifer, also known as the Doom. This is the kind of hero that can Devour any creep and gain its abilities and he when he walks, he leaves a fiery trail of Scorched Earth. With his Infernal Blade, he can mini stun people and leave him burning for a few seconds. And when things are rough, he can Doom his enemies to hell and preventing them for casting any spell or using any item, while also taking damage over time. With the right items and skill build, this hero can easily counter a lot of heroes. Simply by using his ultimate on a key hero, he can make that hero useless in a team fight. Watch these guides and learn more.

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