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Dark Seer Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics

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Dark Seer
Dark Seer Guide
Total Duration: 56:27

Tel9021 brings us a guide on how to play Dark Seer. These videos will teach you the basics of one of Dota's most classic offlane heroes.

If your enemy is equal, prepare for him. If greater, elude him. If weaker, crush him! Ish'Kafel, the Dark Seer is the master of team fights; even though his right click damage is quite weak. He can turn a losing fight into a winning one, with the help of his ultimate, Wall of Replica and first ability Vacuum. He can also farm quite easily with the help of his Ion Shell that deals damage to enemy units around it. But sometimes things get worth and a quick escape is needed. That is when he can boost his or any allies’ movement speed by using his third ability called Surge. When playing Dark Seer, if you can manage to hit a perfect combo, you will be able to counter even the most farmed enemy heroes and bring victory to your team. Watch these guides and learn more.