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Dark Moon Dota 2 - The Most Efficient Lineup

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Dark Moon Dota 2
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A Pro Approach with w33 & MiSeRy

The Most Efficient Lineup

In this Dark Moon guide, D2Bowie looks at the top lineups on DOTABUFF's new Dark Moon page to figure out what is being picked and why winners keep picking the same heroes to defeat the Dark Magus.

2017 started off with a bang for the Dota 2 community as Valve released the first unique event mode in well over a year. The game mode is available to play until February 6th which doesn’t leave a lot of time to figure out the best strategy. That’s why we, here at Pvgna, have made a brand new video series for you. In this series, our very own strategy expert D2Bowie will be taking a look at the top approaches to beating the Dark Moon game. Using DOTABUFF and his own experience in game we will discover the optimal lineup for collecting Dark Moon points as quickly as possible. Dark Moon is modeled after the traditional tower defense maps but requires unique elements of Dota 2 skill including team composition, positioning and coordination to clear each wave. As a reward, teams receive spins on the special Dark Moon Rewards prize wheel with the ultimate reward being a super rare Dark Moon Baby Roshan courier. With the mode lasting through the weekend it’s time to get your grind on and we’ve got the perfect guide to help you.

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