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Chessie's guide on how to play the carry role in Dota 2 begins with drafting. Selecting the proper hero for a every situation is the first step to becoming a better carry player.

The guide to the carry role is a video series many of you have been waiting for. Playing carry in Dota 2 is most fought over role in the game and with good reason. Carry players get all the glory, as indicated by their name. To put a team on your shoulders and carry them to victory is surely one of the best feelings in the game of Dota 2. Chessie, a player who has experienced the ups and downs of playing carry on the international competitive circuit, has created a comprehensive set of videos to teach you to carry. From the fundamentals of laning to perfect last hitting under a tower you will master these skills in your quest to gain MMR. Names like Hao, Fear, N0tail, BurNIng, Reso1ution and of course Arteezy all have made their names as stellar carry players. Each of these all-star Dota pros began with skills like picking their heroes, laning properly, creep blocking and map awareness. Through practice, study and thousands of hours, each mastered these skills. In this guide you will learn the mechanics and theories that make a good carry player great and how to truly put your team on your back. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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