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In this replay analysis video, Kyubashi will help you understand how to play as Brewmaster in the offlane.

The battle is meat and drink to me! More so drink than the meat part! Mangix, the Brewmaster is a hero that can do a lot of things, if you play him right. He can slow enemy heroes by using his first ability, Thunder Clap. And to make things interesting, his second ability called Drunk Haze also slows and adds a miss chance to anyone who is affected by it. Speaking of miss chance, his third ability called the Drunken Brawler gives him evasion and crit chance. This makes him a really tanky but the best thing about this hero is his ultimate, Primal Split. Brewmaster will split into three elemental spirits, each with different abilities and they also carry over any aura items you have. Watch these guides and learn more.

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