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Bounty Hunter Guide - Dealing with Detection

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In the following guide, you will learn how to deal with things like dust, wards and gems when you are playing Bounty Hunter.

The hunt is on! As Gondar, the Bounty Hunter it’s your job to hunt down the enemy team and claim the bounty on their heads and also take down their courier whenever you have the chance. You can become invisible and phase through units once you use your ability, Shadow Walk. Paired that with your passive Jinada, you can do a huge burst of damage when break your invisibly. However, the most powerful thing about this hero is its ultimate, Track. Not only will you and your allies be able to see the tracked enemy, they will also gain extra gold for killing them. And you can trace more than one enemy at a time. This also helps your Shuriken Toss bounce to other units. The ultimate also gives vision of invisible units, so this hero can counter a lot of heroes. But it’s not all that easy as it sounds, that’s why TEL9021 is here to help you learn how to play this hero.