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Bloodseeker Guide - Item Builds

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The Flayed Ones drink your blood! In this video you will learn the different item progressions you can use on Bloodseeker. He is a hero that deals a lot of physical and magical damage.

Over the field of battle, the smell of blood rises like a promise! Strygwyr, the Bloodseeker is always on the hunt for blood, especially with the help of his passive ability called Thirst. This makes him run faster and attack harder, but only when the enemy heroes have low hp. This hero can call for a Blood Rite and baptize an area in blood, causing any enemy in that area to take damage and become silent. Bloodseeker has the ability to go into a Bloodrage and deal extra damage but also take more damage as well. However, if he kills an enemy while the rage is active, he is healed for a percentage of their max hp. as for the ultimate, he has Rupture. If an enemy unit is affected by Rupture and they move, they will take damage similar to the distance they traveled. This ultimate can counter a lot of heroes with high mobility. Paired with the right items and skill build, Bloodseeker can become an unstoppable force. Watch these guides and learn more.

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