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Beastmaster Support / Jungle Guide - Patch 7.00 Analysis & Updates

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Beastmaster Support / Jungle Guide
Total Duration: 47:35

TheBenGerman returns to update his hero guide on Beastmaster as a support or jungler in patch 7.01. We will look in depth at his new talent tree and how to level it depending on the situation.

It's not the size of the beast in the fight…well, actually, size kinda helps. TheBenGerman is here to teach you how to play as a four position Beastmaster. This guide will focus on jungling with the right items. By using your third ability, Call of the Wild Boar, you can summon your boar and start leveling up in the jungle. Oh and you also get the Hawk that you can use to scout. Once you have your passive Inner Beast, your farming speed will increase a lot. As soon as you hit level 6, skill up your ultimate Primal Roar and you can start hunting for kills. Paired with the right items, you can easily counter some heroes in the early game. And if they try to hide in the trees, you can use your Wild Axes to damage them as well as clear a path in the trees.

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