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Batrider vs Tinker Mid Matchup Analysis by BZZ

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Total Duration: 14:57

BZZ the Pro player with an 8k MMR is here to analyze yet another replay but this time it's Batrider vs Tinker in the mid lane, this time it’s a ranked match with an average MMR of 7k

Ever wondered how a pro player plays Batrider in the mid lane vs. Tinker, Especially in a ranked match? Well not to worry, Pro player BZZ is here to help you once again with yet another replay analysis. BZZ is an 8k MMR player and is currently playing for team Fantastic Five 2015. In this video, BZZ will explain how you should lane vs a Tinker as you can't really last hit because you will almost always be blinded by the laser and you will miss your attacks on the creeps. But the trick is to keep yourself farmed, and that can be done in the jungle. Surely after watching this video, you will be able to play as Batrider vs Tinker and even out farm or out level him.