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HuntaeLa takes a look at a big comeback mounted by OG.ana. This gameplay analysis will teach you how to deal with a bad start on Anti-Mage which is known to happen quite often.

I vowed to end all magic, that none may suffer the torments of the Dead God's Wand! Anti-Mage is one of the strongest late game carry. He is able to safely solo push out lanes, once he gets one of this core items. Moreover, he can escape quite fast thanks to his second ability, Blink. He also has a passive skill that increases his magic resistance, allowing him to become tankier when facing heroes with magic damage. . With his passive Mana Break, he can burn his opponent’s mana and render them useless. This allows you to sets things up for his ultimate skill, Mana Void. This ability will deal damage to the enemy for each point of missing mana. Mana Void also deals damage to all the enemies around the target in a 500 radius. With this, you can turn the tide of battle and counter the entire enemy team with one great ultimate. Watch these guides and learn more.

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