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Alchemist Guide - Introduction & Basic Mechanics

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Easy now, this stuff is explosive! In this guide, HuntaeLa will help you understand how to play Alchemist and how to properly use all your abilities.

Failure is just another kind of success. The wrong kind! HuntaeLa returns to guide you once again. This time he will teach you the art of alchemy by helping to play as Razzil Darkbrew, the Alchemist. This is a hero that reduces armor of his enemies by using his Acid Spray, and he can throw an Unstable Concoction at them that can stun and deal damage. This guy can synthesize additional gold with the help of alchemy to feed his Greevil’s Greed. As for his ultimate ability, the Alchemist cause his Ogre to enter a Chemical Rage that causes him to attack and move faster, while also regeneration at a high speed. This makes this hero one of that hardest hero to counter and with the right item build, this guy can become unstoppable.

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