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In this video guide to the hero Abaddon Kyubashi will explain how to itemize the Lord of Avernus and what item builds work for the different roles that he can be played in.

Abaddon, The Lord of Avernus, has long been at or near the top of pub win rates at nearly ever skill level. He has also gotten some brief but significant play in the professional scene. The hero has never really caught on though for whatever reason despite his strong abilities and nearly unkillable nature. Abaddon is generally run in either a support or offlane role but as Kyubashi will show, he is extremely versatile. Abaddon’s skills are a unique blend of offensive and defense mixed together. Mist Coil can farm, damage or heal while Aphotic Shield is an extremely powerful counter to most disables. Borrow Time, his signature was buffed fairly recently with the introduction of a ridiculous damage sharing Aghanim’s Scepter buff which truly makes Abaddon a terror in team fights. By the end of this guide you’ll be rolling over people in the laning stage and your opponents will curse Avernus as their Ancient crumbles.

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