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Jenkins dives deeper into the drafting side of the offlane role by explaining when certain heroes should be picked to best counter the other team and effectively shut down their carry.

The being and offlaner was the most changed part of the game in patch 7.00. With additional jungle camps, harder opposing safelane pulls and a shrine, long time offlaners are feeling the love. Previously thought of as the sacrificial spot, a masterful offlaner can often contest most safelanes and come out with more than their fair share of experience and farm. We are happy to have added the former Leviathan offlaner Jenkins to our guide making staff and he has a lot to say about the new role of offlaners in a game of Dota 2. This in-depth guide should cover everything you could ever need to know to play an effective offlane. As Jenkins puts it, there's a massive advantage to be gained by winning 1v3. By the end you will be more than ready to take on the entire enemy team by yourself. LEEEROY JENKINS!!

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